Social Media Management

When used properly Social Media increases exposure and traffic as well as being an effective tool for generating leads.   However, it can be complex – understanding the sheer number of channels and how to harness their power. 

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”


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The COVID Pandemic has highlighted the positives of social media.  For many small businesses, it has been easier to update their service offerings on Facebook than it is their website.  

YouTube has provided a platform for keeping us fit and sane and Instagram’s colourful feed has allowed us to dream about when times are back to normal.  

TikTok’s popularity has grown and spread across the generations, with Museums harnessing its power to reach a younger audience.

When posting It’s important to know your audience and have a clear objective.  Don’t lose sight of the fact that Social Media is social, i.e., shared participation.  Content should make the user want to react, comment, read on, or share with their network

B2B Social Media

Despite being able to use social media personally, many companies often struggle to maximise their B2B social channels.

The companies who do it well, share content that resonates with its audience and use the opportunity to position themselves as a trusted expert. 

LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are commonly seen as the predominant B2B platforms but don’t discount other channels. 

Social Strategy

A written strategy is an essential tool to keep you on track.   It should identify your target audience, analyse the competition, look at which platforms to use and the type of content to be published, and set out your goals and how you will measure your effectiveness.