Content Marketing

I’m passionate about content marketing, to me, it’s quite simply good customer service in action!  

Your online content has never been so critical to your business, according to Google staggering 53% of consumers researching online before they buy. However, in this busy digital world functional, transactional copy is no longer enough, your content must connect emotionally with the customer.

“Marketing is not so much about rational arguments….but about the way a company resonates with people emotionally”

Steve Jobs

Website content for online marketing

CONTENT marketing

When a customer comes on to your website – they are looking for information to help solve their problem. The more your content writing resonates with them the longer they will stay on your site – the higher your chance of achieving a conversion.  It’s not rocket science, but it does mean understanding your audience.

Content should be relevant and meaningful, it should answer the customer’s questions. Done well, it establishes a connection with the customer, and provide reassurance that you are the right provider. 


Make your content work for you by aligning your content strategy to your business objectives; ultimately saving you time and money.  

Creating a long term plan allows you to identify future campaigns, and understand where content will be required. You’ll easily identify gaps in content, and create a bank of relevant content that meets your customers’ needs.


Each landing page should serve a specific purpose, and links to a range of supplementary pages, providing further relevant information.  Content should be a range of written, video, audio and graphical content.


Bring your company to life with video, don’t be shy! Phone technology makes it easy to produce relatively good quality videos. Make sure the quality of your video suits your business purpose. Make sure they’re engaging and concise, and most importantly don’t forget subtitles.


Podcasts are ideal for engaging with a range of audiences – repurpose your written content and engage with a whole new market


Blogs are ideal for driving your traffic to your website and fantastic for developing a brand personality.  Use them to showcase your relevancy to current trends, reach out to specific audiences, and demonstrate your subject expertise. Publish regularly, and don’t forget to let the world know you’ve posted!


Harness the power of social media to publicise your blog posts, or raise awareness of existing web pages, to drive traffic to your website.  Make sure the tone of voice is suitable for the channel being used – one size doesn’t always fit all!